✔ DKIM verification now includes DKIM alignment check


SPF and DMARC Validation

Have the DKIM & ARC sub-menu also validate whether the email passes SPF and DMARC checks for the sending domain. Also, expand the DKIM validation to warn if the DKIM signature is verified but the signer does not match the sending domain. Example, I have an email with the sender listed as doe@gmail.com. The DKIM Signature is valid but the signer is webtotalsolutions.com instead of gmail.com. Basically looking for the same feature set as the DKIM Verifier plugin for Thunderbird if you're familiar with that one.

Michael Y
Partially Released


✔ FEI now extracts entities from all MAPI properties to provide a more comprehensive list of domains, contacts, IP addresses, and URLs

✔ Significantly improved logging and progress indication during ingestion

✔ Improved Grid View launch speed after ingestion

✔ Numerous minor performance improvements