✔ Added attachment count and list of attachment names to Evidence Grid.

✔ FEI now remembers your timestamp sort preference (chronological vs. reverse chronological order) between messages and between sessions.


Option for Timestamps to be chronological

In the Timestamps sub-menu of the Viewer, the Timestamp (UTC) column always defaults to reverse chronological sorting. Please offer an option in the Settings to default to chronological sorting. Alternatively, you could have this sub-menu's column sorting state retained between launches of FEI. Either way, I would like to be able to view the timeline chronologically (oldest events first) all of the time. Currently, I have to re-sort the Timestamp column as the first part of my workflow, every single time I open this sub-menu.

Michael Y


✔ Resolved a dongle issue that manifested itself on VirtualBox.

✔ FEI now remembers your last input folder.

✔ It is now possible to select a subset of the evidence grid and copy it to the clipboard, including the header row. The resultant data can easily be pasted into Excel to create a small spreadsheet.

✔ It is now possible to select an individual cell on the Evidence Grid and copy its value (without the corresponding header row) to the clipboard. This can be used to quickly filter by that value.

✔ FEI now displays the version of the software that was used to create the FEI project that is open.

✔ Optimizations to startup time.

Important Note: Due to significant changes to the project structure, this version of FEI cannot open FEI projects that were created using earlier versions of the software.