✔ Added new insight for messages missing DKIM signatures. Only applies when a message was expected to have a DKIM signature due to its sender and timing information.

✔ Added new insight for removed email attachments.

✔ It is now possible to filter the Evidence Grid by the red flags of each message.

✔ Insight Score is now represented with a corresponding color in the Evidence Grid for improved visual identification.

✔ Folder tree now contains the item counts for each subnode.

✔ It is now possible to import / export the layout of the Evidence Grid—including any active filters. When FEI is launched, it remembers your last layout automatically.

✔ Built-in Evidence Grid layout templates introduced to make it easy to switch between different layouts for different types of email evidence (MAPI, MIME, compact, etc.)

✔ It is now possible to copy only the value of a single Evidence Grid cell. This makes it easier to pivot on that value and use it as a filter.

✔ Performance improvements to folder tree creation.

✔ FEI now checks the version of the project database being opened and reports back if it is incompatible with the version of the software that is being used to open it.

✔ Improved handling of failed DNS lookups when verifying DKIM/ARC signatures while batch Insight scoring during ingestion.

✔ Improved MIME header parsing from MAPI items.

✔ Improved resource management during navigation among multiple MAPI stores via the Evidence Grid.

✔ Path of the MAPI container being ingested is now displayed during ingestion.

✔ Clearer representation of MAPI items missing transport headers.

✔ Extended timestamps and insights for MAPI items with data points extracted from MIME headers.

✔ Fixed an issue where context switching between reviewing a container's contents in the Evidence Grid and reviewing a loose item dragged and dropped from the outside onto FEI Viewer did not behave as expected.

✔ Presence of DKIM/ARC signatures and the Content-Length header field value can now be queried for MAPI items even when those data points cannot be leveraged due to the underlying MIME data being unavailable.

✔ Numerous minor performance, stability, and GUI improvements.