New updates and improvements to Forensic Email Intelligence

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✔ Introduced urlscan integration for URL intelligence.

✔ Introduced local diff tool integration for item comparisons.

✔ Expanded MAPI support to include two additional tabs: Recipients and Attachments

✔ Improved resolution of certain enum MAPI properties to provide information in addition to the raw MAPI data.

✔ Increased color contrast in dark mode for improved visibility of certain elements.

✔ Improved handling of items with no body text.

✔ Improved support for MIME items with an invalid first line.

✔ FEI Viewer now automatically adjusts its size and position at launch on smaller screens.

✔ SecurityTrails API credentials are now validated against the API, and the remaining quota is displayed.

✔ It is now possible to batch-export email attachments. FEI automatically names the exported attachments to avoid collisions if needed.

✔ Improved the scroll experience in attachments view.

✔ Improved the performance of domain intelligence.

✔ Certain export processes such as exporting attachments and PDF printouts of emails now display a button to open the exported file directly upon completion.

✔ Improved the performance of transport header extraction from MAPI items and made it more resilient to invalid MIME headers.

✔ Content-length checks are now applied to messages in bulk, and a corresponding red flag is included in the Red Flags column in grid view.

✔ FEI now parses the individual Gmail labels in Grid View and provides the option to filter for them. This makes it easier to get a tally of which labels are present in a collection (e.g., a Takeout import or an FEC project import).

✔ Improved the visual design of subdomain intelligence and made it possible to copy individual subdomains to the clipboard.

✔ Numerous minor performance and visual improvements.