New updates and improvements to Forensic Email Intelligence

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✔ Improvements to URL Intel GUI and performance.

✔ Added In-Reply-To and References headers to the Evidence Grid.

✔ Timestamps view and automated analysis now include timestamps of non-attachment MIME entities that have timestamps.

✔ Added an additional insight and associated Red Flag about Postfix Authenticated User.

✔ Added an additional insight about messages that contain quoted message bodies but no References or In-Reply-To fields.

✔ Improved detection of Outlook quote stings.

✔ Changed formatting of MAPI property tag display to follow Microsoft's documentation more closely.

✔ Fixed an issue where double-clicking an item on the Evidence Grid while FEI Viewer is open could behave unexpectedly.

✔ Attachments tab in MAPI view is now only displayed when needed.

✔ Numerous minor performance and visual improvements.