New updates and improvements to Forensic Email Intelligence



✔ Introduced the ability to export data from FEI's Intel panels such as Entities, Timestamps, and Attachments in multiple formats.

✔ Introduced FEI Decoder to decode timestamps and Base64-encoded strings via the right click context menu. More decoding options will be added as needed.

✔ It is now possible to navigate to the previous/next item in the Evidence Grid when FEI Viewer is in focus. The global shortcut for navigation is CTRL+Up or CTRL+Down.

✔ Added support for Mozilla Thunderbird Message-ID and MIME boundary values.

✔ Added definitions for various MIME headers.

✔ Added insights based on the newly-added Exchange header definitions.

✔ Extracted entities are now sorted alphabetically where applicable.

✔ Improved the resilience of MAPI header parsing against invalid headers.

✔ Improved PDF printouts from Render view to reduce unnecessary pagination.

✔ Improved the visibility of hyperlink previews in Render View in dark mode.

✔ Resolved an issue where certain Evidence Grid search and sort operations could cause unexpected behavior.

✔ Numerous other performance and user interface improvements.