New updates and improvements to Forensic Email Intelligence

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✔ FEI now supports ingesting, rendering, and examining additional MAPI item types such as calendar events, tasks, contacts, sticky notes, and RSS feeds.

✔ It is now possible to export a subset of the ingested data both as loose files and as MAPI containers where applicable.

✔ Added the option to include an export manifest with data exports.

✔ Added new Insight for MIME items with deferred delivery.

✔ Added definitions for various MAPI enumerations.

✔ Introduced the option to skip batch Insight Score calculation during ingestion.

✔ Improved the performance of bulk tagging a large number of items on the Evidence Grid.

✔ Added in-place help system to decribe the functionality of certain features within the software.

✔ Various performance and user interface improvements.