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🔥New Feature: MIME Structure Analysis — FEI now allows the examination of the hierarchical MIME structure of a message. It is possible to navigate to the individual MIME entities and export them.

🔥Added child entity timestamps to the Timestamps View. These are timestamp evidence items such as hidden MIME boundary and Content-ID timestamps that are extracted recursively from child RFC 822 MIME entities of the message (i.e., embedded messages). Child entity timestamps are color coded so that they can be distinguished from the timestamps of the parent email.

🔥Ability to store DKIM / ARC public keys — FEI now has an additional option that allows the fetched DKIM and ARC public keys on the file system. This can be extremely useful for long-term archival of critical cryptographic keys in your investigation in the event that the keys become unavailable in the future.

✔️Added Content-ID as an additional evidence type for email client and timestamp identification.

✔️Improved performance and responsiveness of flagging items. This is especially noticeable when a very low-performance storage medium is used for FEI's project file.

✔️Improved the export of embedded messages.

✔️FEI Viewer now contains an icon that clarifies whether it is working in Connected Mode or Independent Mode.

✔️Improved the display of MAPI items without Sent/Delivery dates in the Evidence Grid.

✔️Fixed an issue where MIME syntax highlighting could end before the end of the message headers in some edge cases.

✔️Numerous performance and user experience improvements.