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🔥New Feature: Index Search — FEI can now index the emails (including their attachments) that it ingests and allows you to execute detailed queries against that index. Search capabilities include field searches, range searches, date searches, wildcard searches, proximity searches, and regular expression searches.

🔥New Feature: Aggregate Data Panels — Participants and attachments encountered during ingestion are now displayed in a side panel of the Evidence Grid. It is possible to quickly pivot from these panels to the emails that contain the referenced items.

🔥New Feature: Project-level Insights — In addition to the item-level Insights that were previously available, FEI now presents project-level Insights by analyzing items in context.

✔️Added new context menu items—Find in This Field, Find in All Participant Fields—that allow the examiner to quickly pivot on key data points such as participants and email subjects.

✔️Add a new column to the Evidence Grid called Level, which indicates how deep the item is within the evidence tree.

✔️It is now possible to add evidence to an existing project.

✔️Increased minimum height for FEI Viewer window so that the drop target is not hidden on short screens.

✔️Significantly improved Evidence Grid initial load time.

✔️It is now possible to export the results of subdomain lookup for a domain.

✔️Export manifest for PST exports now includes EntryID values of the items within the output PST(s) for ease of reference.

✔️Significantly improved the cold start performance of MIME Structure View.

Important Note: FEI now requires .NET Desktop Runtime 6, which can be obtained from Microsoft here.